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A little message from our US Executive Publisher, Kareem J. A. Jackson…

  • Hello Fam! What Do You Want To See In 2020? This is a slightly different type of video. We had a very good 2018, then an awesome 2019 and we need your insights on how we can keep the momentum and make 2020 an absolutely fabulous year! As we celebrate 5 years on YouTube and 10 years as #MinimalistCEO and #LaptopCEO’s, we have successfully:

-Outsourced 100% of our US business operations and process to Asia where our operational and investment dollars are worth $1 = 50 to 100, immediately giving us 50-times earnings. A great decision, especially now as the world deals with global quarantines.
-Launched more than 10 magazines, a radio show, a digital show, a dozen seminars and 10,000 pages of content in Asia about everything from lifestyle to tattoo, entrepreneurship, nightlife, hospitality and provincial life (all from my laptop)!
-Successfully acquired and worked with more than 1,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and celebrities from all over the globe!
-Our “Award-Winning” title now applies from the United States to Asia as we have been awarded the Philippines Golden Globe Award for business development and service…just to list a few!

We want to level-up -again. And, we need your help. We want you to ride the wave with us. Please sound-off below, or email us: Ask@KareemAntonio.com

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