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So You Think President Duterte Isn’t Doing A Good Job Right Now? (Watch Video)

So, You Think President Duterte Isn’t Doing A Good Job Right Now? Well, our US Executive publisher, Kareem Jackson, is a US media entrepreneur on lockdown in the Philippines right now, and in his OP-ED he says, “…you have no idea what you are talking about.” You need to watch this video!

“This is a Coronavirus COVID-19 update that perhaps you will be surprised to hear from a black American media entrepreneur currently in lockdown in Asia, specifically, The Philippines Islands. And, for those of you who say President Duterte, isn’t doing a good job right now, or the PH politicians, local barangay officials, and front liners aren’t doing a good job; you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Look at America; my country, as a black American I am 50-times safer here in the Philippines (Asia) than my parents, siblings, family, and friends are back home. Filipino hospitality right now is most-amazing. Not one assault, break-in, hold-up, riot and we have been on a ‘soft-voluntary Quarantine’ since New Year’s Eve.

Unlike many of you idiots abroad assaulting Asians, calling this deadly plague Kung Flu, or The China Virus! People are dead. Be real. No matter what happened, the Asian ‘people’ didn’t do it. Especially, some Asian walking in New York City! Haven’t we learned anything from the way black Americans are treated in America? Now you want to do it to Asians too? Shame.

I want to say THANK YOU PHILIPPINES! Thank you Mr. President Duterte, for the local politicians, doctors and nurses, medics, barangay, even purified water delivery, as well as, my own Governor Daniel Fernando, the front liners AND those in grocery stores, my driver, home assistants and others open for our convenience. Thank You!

I am blessed and happy I have my life and health -unlike more than 1 million sick or dead people around the world. Let’s count our blessings and be more grateful to God and those who warned us early so that we could prepare. We were able to warn the community on my live shows back in December 2019, while the US President was calling it a ‘democratic hoax’ and ‘Chinese virus’ we were preparing: buying mask, stocking groceries and trying to tell the world.

Be grateful, no matter how you ‘feel’ about how your passionate president, or others in government, the fact is, they did not lie to you and then, run to sell and buy stocks. They also didn’t say your Lola and Lolo and sickly (those with high blood, diabetes or gout, and cigarette smokers) should be allowed to die –in order to save the country. Count your blessings Philippines, be proud and grateful. Thank you all again.” -Kareem Jackson, US Executive Publisher, CEO KA&CO America LLC

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