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“Lord in the time of strife and struggle, we thank you for the love and compassion of our fellow man. Lord, we stand in awe of your power to motivate and move us to be the Angel’s we see nowhere on earth doing Your work. Please bless these simple and humble people with health, happiness, and everlasting love. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Amen.”
-US Executive Publisher Kareem Jackson

WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE POOR VIDEO QUALITY, this was taken inside the facility, but we wanted to share this candid video for the many family and friends abroad inquiring at (Ask@KareemAntonio.com) about their family here in the Philippines. We thought they would be proud and reassured that we are ok and in good spirits, and still having a good time with smiles on their faces. This is why we love Filipinos!

We also wanted to thank Governor Daniel Fernando; the silent heroes, (working overnight) the guys and ladies who take hours and hours away from their loved ones and sacrifice their safety to help load, carry, sort, pack and coordinate delivery of the millions of tons of relief goods distributed throughout Bulacan.

This is just 1 hub of many all around Bulacan (and the nation). They work very hard to make it possible for us to gain some relief. So when you get those relief goods, please appreciate the individuals like these who make it possible. Know that every Grain of rice, every can, every vegetable was packaged with love from a fellow Bulakenyo or Bulenkenya.

They’re not paid, they’re not awarded and they’re not politicians, they’re just caring people in our beautiful community.

Thanks for the video.
Joel Samaniego and Julius Dela Cruz

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