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Did you know, outsourcing is not a strategic option anymore? It’s survival.

You’re ahead of the curve, or a victim to it. Minimalist CEO 101 is your ticket to freedom. Learn how-to outsource everything…like I did over 10-years ago!

Outsource Everything! Is part of my Minimalist CEO Series and I know, that if you are an entrepreneur today, with rising overhead cost, no time to enjoy your ‘success’ and (just like I was), you wish you could just focus on the part of the business which truly makes you happy, and is your passion.

Then, this eBook is totally for you.

Why do we need to answer the phones, emails and every social media inquiry?

Why do we still manage the graphics, marketing materials or even AD campaigns?

There is no reason at all, for most of us to still be thinking about bookkeeping, billing, collection, or (believe it or not) even sales! Why does a salon owner, chef, architect or attorney need to take a seminar to learn QuickBooks?

The (United States) government allows a deduction, and even encourages us to ‘outsource’ to ‘vendors’, ‘sub-contractors’ and ‘specialists’ as part of the circle of cash flow. It use-to be a strategic option, or a way to keep the books simple and clean. But now, entrepreneurs need to be focused, on core competencies, and ‘staff’ no longer need to be in a brick-and-mortar building.

I take you through how I achieved it for myself over a decade ago, just as a lifestyle, cost-cutting and freedom choice. But today, outsourcing can save the life of your business, make you global almost overnight, and even save your own life post-Corona.

Also, I thought you might enjoy this FREE bonus content from my “How-To Be A Minimalist CEO 101” Series.

Kareem Jackson

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