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Hey America!  Before you leave the house and catch the Coronavirus, watch this video:

As the only black American media left in Asia (I think), I have 5 positive tips you should know and 10 ways to stay safe.

I have heard some outrageous myths coming out of the United States, from “…it’s a Democratic hoax”, “Fake News”to “…take hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus” and “blacks don’t get it”, as well as, “drink Hennessy”, then, “kids are safe…let the old people die.” and so on.  So, since I am here in Asia -right now- and I am just a few hours away from China, and we have just under 7,000 cases (in the Philippines) nationwide, I thought I would give you some real, proven, advice and insights on how to stay safe from dying of this darn COVID-1 aka Coronavirus.

Looking to revive your life right now?  Watch this…

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