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Press Release October 10, 2022, Malolos City Information Office

Every Malolenyo can feel the government’s concern for our community.” – this is the clear message of Mayor Abgdo. Chrstian D. Natividad in his report of the first 100 days this October 10th at the Free Republic in the City of Malolos. According to his statement, the following implemented projects and programs of the Malolos City Government under the Natividad-Bautista administration were laid out:


In terms of health needs, led by the City Health Office, there was free deworming for children, free flu vaccine for senior citizens, medical missions, the contract signing for free dialysis treatment, 165 breastfeeding mothers received rice incentives, 251 Batang Malolenyo who were moderately wasted beneficiaries of Ready to Use Supplementary Food (RUSF) and 121 Kabataang Malolenyo who were acutely malnourished received Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). Two Nutrition Division staff members, Rick Jason Del Rosario for the Outstanding Nutrition Program Coordinator award and Evangeline Paguntalan for the Outstanding Nutrition Officer Award in Region 3, were also nominated. The Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness Center has also been renovated and is now open to the public.


One of the first things that Mayor Agila paid attention to was the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the city, which was able to be repaired and beautified in just 2 days in collaboration with the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO). As for the continued improvement of irrigation, an Integrated Dredging Activity was conducted in collaboration with the Provincial Government in Malolos. The goal of the said project is to reduce the lilies and garbage that clog irrigation channels. This includes the placement of trash traps in the City’s waters. Disaster and Disaster Preparedness Response Skills There was first aid and ambulance training in 51 barangays an earthquake drill, and a climate change workshop to be aware of weather changes and how to anticipate events that are not under human control. When Typhoon Karding hit, a relief operation was immediately conducted for those affected by the said typhoon.


According to Natividad, the safety of students is important so the City Government distributed more than 48,000 bags, school supplies, and safety, and hygiene kits. He added that in the amount of PhP 21,090,500, 6,752 Malolenyo youth will receive scholarships from the City Government. The City Government also provided assistance to schools to build and repair them in preparation for the face-to-face class. He was also proud of recognizing the City of Malolos as one of the top 5 in the National Literacy Award (NLA)


Having a livelihood is one of the things that Natividad wants to focus on, which is why within a hundred days he has been able to implement programs that can improve the lives of the Malolenyo people. One of them is Puni making, 165 Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES), 165 Government Internship Program, Government Internship Program, TUPAD beneficiaries, and others. There are also 300 Malolenyo workers who will be sent to South Korea where all expenses and accommodation will be free. There are also graduates from various programs such as 19 graduates of Food & Beverage Services NCII, 24 graduates of Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII, 38 graduates of Bread & Pastry Production NCII, 20 Beauty Care NCII, and 20 graduates of Chair Massage with Reflexology.

Peace & Order

One of the things that the Natividad-Bautista administration is promoting is peace and order. The first City Explosive and Canine Unit (CECU) was launched in the province of Bulacan. Barangay and City Government staff also underwent drug testing to ensure that the ranks of employees are clean. Concurrent with this is the revival of the 51 Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC). It can be remembered that a reward of 300k was also given for the capture of the killer of Princess Diane Dayor and 100k helped in the immediate identification and capture of a rapist who hid in the province. In connection with the support and cooperation of the City Government of Malolos in the quick resolution of the cases, Mayor Christian D. Natividad was recognized by the Provincial and Regional Command. PNP Malolos was also given an additional 8 motorcycles that will help the mobility of our police force in their ongoing operations. Measures adopted by the City Council According to Second City Mayor Miguel Alberto T. Bautista, in one hundred days in office, the City Council has adopted 160 resolutions related to the promotion of agriculture, business and others. There have also been passed 6 City Ordinances that can provide development and jobs for the betterment of the economy with the cooperation of the Executive and Legislature. Among the resolutions that have been worked hard to be implemented under the leadership of Mayor Natividad from City Ordinance No.10-2020 is the provision of cash assistance to legitimate members of TODA. The City Council also approved the construction of the Malolos Sport and Convention Center so that Malolenyo players can once again benefit.


Among the projects completed by the City Engineering Office are the renovation of the Senior Citizen Center, Malolos Police Station, and CDRRMO. It also includes the renovation of 57 elementary and high schools in the city such as classrooms which include classrooms and other facilities in schools.

The projects in Atlag-Concreting of Road, Mabolo-Rehabilitation of Road, Bangkal-Upgrading of Road, Canalate-Upgrading of Road, Bagna-Upgradining of Pathway, Santor-Construction of Pathway, Look 1st- Construction of Drainage, Sto. Rosario-Upgrading of the Road, Sumpang Matanda-Concreting of the Road, Bulihan- Development, and Construction of Main Drainage, Public Market Wet Section Rehabilitation, Hauling of Solid Waste to Landfill, Robotics kit procurement, and seech lab procurement of equipment. Currently, there are still 20 infrastructure projects that will be screened for bidding.


In partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) was able to turn over a Brown Rice Impeller to the Association of Farmers in Malolos. Also, free fertilizer was distributed to 420 farmers while 1,400 farmers received certified seeds. From the BFAR Fuel Subsidy program, including 174 fishermen who will receive the said benefit. The patrol boat was also built to be used by the Coast Guard in the implementation of the Fishery Ordinance, a Fishery Code that provides protection for our natural resources. Additional projects in the development of the 10-hectare land of the City Government of Malolos Availability of bike parking racks around the municipality and further development of Bancheto.

According to Natividad, there will also be an Amphitheater, a skate park, 3 open basketball courts, and a tennis court. Additional projects carried out by various agencies of the City Government of Malolos

Additional projects carried out by various agencies of the City Government of Malolos

City Veterinary Office

There were free anti-rabies for pet dogs and cats in the barangay. There is also a dog pound where stray dogs from the streets are taken. At the said dog pound, those abandoned and no longer wanted by the owner can be adopted. The first Malo-Pets was also launched which features various animals and services such as free grooming and vaccines. The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) provided daycare modules to 2,500 children aged 3-4 years.

Meanwhile, the Population Division had free ligation for 34 women, vasectomy for 2 men, and 60 people with subdermal implants. Also held a Responsible Parenting Seminar for 500 members of 4ps. While 33 young mothers received aid.

The Local Civil Registry was also recognized as One of the most outstanding and innovative local civil registries in the Philippines. Natividad also expressed the decentralized information dissemination and innovation of the feedback mechanism of the City Information Office through the use of different media platforms. Meanwhile, the City Legal Office in just 100 days has made 50 executive orders. Also held a Free Seminar on Violence Against Women and Children Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The BPLO Division, on the other hand, conducted the DOST Food & Technology Forum, BPLO Booth won 3rd Place Best Seller at Buffex 2022, and Lakbay-Aral at the Bulacan Packaging Service and Toll Packing Center. Indigent Senior Citizens received grocery packages and cash assistance as part of the Elderly Month celebration. The City Sports Division held the MCDN Cup 2022 Inter Barangay Basketball Tournament, 2,412 players, 189 teams, and 48 barangays.

The City of Malolos is also included in the National Age Group Chess Championships Grand Finals of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines.